Bridge The Gap

afIs it just me, or does it feel like an eternity between the time we start school in September and Thanksgiving break? It can be so easy to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically drained after such a long time without a break. So how do we make it work? What will help to make these next few weeks feel just a little shorter? Here are three tips that I believe can bridge the gap between now and our first break.

Change your routine: Something that is easy to get into and terribly difficult to get out of is a daily routine. While it is good to have some consistency in your life, it is equally as important to add a little spice to your day. Whether you drive to Janesville for dinner or you change the time you go to the gym, I guarantee you will notice the time moving quicker.

Take a weekend off: Sometimes, you just need to create a miniature break for yourself. Weekends are meant for taking time off and re-energizing yourself. Get your homework done early and request off of work so that you have no worries for the next few days. Then you will have time to go for a hike, go home, or go to the dells! Whatever sounds most relaxing to you!

DON’T start a countdown: Once you establish a countdown, you will only think about the time left. You will check a few times a day to see how much time is left and unfortunately, there won’t be much of a difference. Instead, try to enjoy what is going on around you. Join your friends for a group fitness class, sit in your room and watch Netflix, or get a head start on that paper you have due in a week! Whatever you do, don’t sit and watch the clock.

Being in school this long can definitely be tough. I don’t think you’re alone there. I hope that at least one of these tips will stick with you though. Just a small change could make a world of a difference. You will be so wrapped up in what is happening around you that it will shock you when that break finally comes.


|Stay motivated and never give up. Amazing things will happen|

Julia O’Connor

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