Smile, because you are YOU!

smile because you canIt’s come to my attention lately that I am an insanely weird individual. I’ve been told that everyone has a little bit of weirdness in them, although I think my body has more than the average 21-year-old. This slapped me in the face the day I wore zebra pants, a camouflage shirt on my back, braids in my hair, and I was singing old Sponge Bob songs out loud to myself when I heard someone whisper “look at her”. I stopped in my tracks with a few choice of words I wanted to express, but instead became flushed in the face and kept walking. I was embarrassed; wished I hadn’t worn the outfit or was rapping T-Pain instead of singing Sponge Bob.  

Then I thought, why? This is who I am. I am the girl that wears weird clothes to work-out because it’s comfortable; the girl that wears a sweater to the bar instead of a crop top. I am the girl that prefers to sing old 2000’s songs (or childhood television shows) over listening to the newest hits; the girl that laughs at her own jokes and literally talks to herself when she is alone (I live alone so I find it 100% acceptable). I am the girl that writes her blogs about poop, digestive systems, and sweat glands; the girl that quotes Miley Cyrus while teaching Insanity and gives an imaginary gift of $1,000 to the person that gets the highest miles in her cycling class. Lastly, I am the girl that looks in the mirror and smiles every night before she goes to bed; a true, big, pearly, white smile. I smile because I literally love myself for every little bit of weirdness I possess and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Can you say that? 

The best part about growing up in the world we live in now is that we can be whoever we want to be. If you want to shave your head for no reason, you can. If you want to dress up like a princess in March, go for it. If you want to sing your heart out to the Dixie Chicks in the middle of the bar on a Tuesday, why aren’t you? This wonderful life we live in is all ours and you need to embrace the inner weirdness you have. Don’t keep it all trapped inside, only releasing it when you know your roommates have went to bed and it’s just you, yourself, and I in your bedroom.  

“Why is this girl trying to convince us she is actually cool?” is probably the question running through your head. The answer, “IT’S BECAUSE I AM!” I tell my boyfriend all the time, these exact words “I am so cool” and it is because I truly think I am. You, the person reading this, are really cool too. Tell yourself that, each and every day. No matter what your favorite activity is or your favorite band or even your favorite outfit, you are YOU and that is SO flippin’ cool! So if you were reading this blog looking for the newest trend or the hottest thing in health and wellness, you just found it. There is nothing sexier than being happy about being YOU!  

“I smile because why not?” 

Kenzi Weidman


Sources: my inner confidence



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