Optimist Club 2014-15, Week 18

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Greetings Everyone,

Ok, who’s sad we’re not getting the 1.5 – 2+ feet of snow forecast for the east coast tomorrow? Think of the snowmen we could build, and the sledding!!

This week our meeting will be Wednesday evening, 5pm, January 28 at Jessica’s Restaurant. I plan on having the induction ceremony for one or two of our new members. I’ve also asked them to briefly “introduce” themselves and mention why they joined our club and where/how they will be able to helps us.

I would appreciate any help lining up speakers for our February 3, 17 & 25 meetings. I have a list of ideas for consideration along with any ideas you may have for speakers/topics. Your help in making one or two phone calls to secure speakers will be greatly appreciated by all.

Jan Olson has received initial information regarding Relay for Life. However, she is unable to chair that event this year. Who would be willing to lead the club in participating in the event this year? Contact Jan or me if interested and we can pass the information. The Relay will be Saturday, June 27, 2015, from 3 p.m. – midnight at the Whitewater High School track.

Lanora Heim has sent me the updated Trivia Night information form and registration form. I’ve updated the web site with the new documents. She also reported she put a challenge out to the each building in the Whitewater School District to enter a team into the trivia contest. The high school and LINCS already sent back registration forms with teams. She also reported that the high school is working on a second team and that there are people trying to put together teams at the other buildings. Thanks Lanora!!

That’s all for the moment. Hope to see many of you Wednesday evening.

Share the Optimism,

Dave Halbach

UW-Whitewater/Community Optimist Club

920-650-6089 or 262-472-5749

Week 38 Update, Optimist Club

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Happy 4th of July Week, Optimists!

We have a lot happening these few weeks.  Here are the highlights:

June 28 –thank you to Jan and Kate for chairing our Relay for Life Team.  Thanks, too, for our other Optimists who supported our team by walking and staffing our site.  Don and Lou, Hans and Carla, Carla’s daughter and son, Angie, Kate’s daughters Shelli and Laura, Jim Mc. and I were all involved at different times.  Our intern Kelly also helped to set up our site–which included hauling all of the pavers.  I learned from Jan that our team came in third place with the fund raising, bringing in a total of $3,098!  Way to go team.

This Tuesday (July 1), we will have a meeting to set up and clean the gyro stand at Cravath Lake.  We will also have an informal social meeting and will order food the the crew.  Duane will send out an updated work schedule for the 4th of July festivities this week.  Duane–could you please confirm what time you would like folks to show up?  THANKS!

On Wednesday, July 9, we will be staffing the Jefferson County Fair (for “Kids’ Day).  PLEASE check your calendars to see if you can volunteer for even a few hours.  There are still many open slots and we can’t put all of the pressure on the Zahn family to staff the entire event.  I have reattached the sign up sheet for the fair.

Kelly is doing a great job sending out updates on club activities via Facebook.  She just sent out another update.  Feel free to check it out!

Our next board meeting is Tuesday, July 8 at 5:30pm at Jessica’s.  If you haven’t responded to me yet, please email me to indicate your attendance.

July 15 at 12 noon will be our next on-campus Optimist meeting in UC 259A.  Our guest speaker will be Steve Bertagnolli who will discuss our campus grounds–current and future projects.

We will have another paver painting gathering on Sunday, July 20 from 12pm-6pm at Kim and Angie’s House.  We have some orders to complete from Relay for Life yesterday.  Please email me to let me know if you would like to participate. We had a great time last Sunday.  It’s a fun fellowship activity.

Thank you–and Happy 4th!

Kim 🙂

Week 37 Update, Optimist Club

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Happy first full day of summer!

We had a great day June 22 painting pavers for Relay for Life—which is scheduled for this Saturday, June 28 at Whitewater High School. Thank you to Angie for organizing the paver party. Special thanks to all of our creative participants: Angie, Kate and her daughter Shelli, Jan, our friend Edie, Angie’s sister Monica and her daughter Anna, our intern Kelly and her sister Bridget. I enjoyed being part of the process, as well. I have attached a few photos. Kelly will be putting some of the photos from our activity on Facebook within the next few days. I have shared 46 photos in Dropbox.

Please remember that we have an evening meeting June 24 at 5:30pm at the Lakefront Pub. This is also the banker’s night for Relay for Life. Jan or Kate will be stopping by our club meeting for a short time to collect any final donations for Relay for Life, and then they will head off to turning in our money.

The gyro stand and Jefferson County Fair are also just around the corner. Thank you to the coordinators of these important fund raising activities for our club and to all of our hard working participants!

Board members, please respond to the note I sent out on Friday regarding our upcoming board meeting on July 8 at 5:30pm at Jessica’s. Thank you to Jeanine and Angie for putting together our slate of officers for 2014-15.

See many of you soon.

In Optimism,

Kim 🙂

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Here are some of thephotos from the paver painting party we had on Sunday!

IMG_3109 (800x533)

IMG_3188 (800x533)

IMG_3195 (800x533)

IMG_3197 (800x533)

IMG_3198 (800x533)

Pavers are the bricks that people use to pave paths in their yards. We painted these to sell at Relay For Life; all of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. The pavers will be $20 a piece but extra donations are welcome. They would look beautiful in a garden! If you’re interested in purchasing one, send an email (with the paver you’d like) to either Jan Olson at olsonj@uww.edu or Kate Ksobiech at ksobieck@uww.edu. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped paint pavers yesterday.
If you’d like to donate to our team you can visit http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?pg=entry&fr_id=60365 and press Donate.
Optimists, we hope to see you at Relay For Life this Saturday from 3pm-Midnight!

Relay For Life

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Optimists, Relay For Life is approaching! The event is Saturday, June 28th from 3 pm until midnight. Join us in support of the American Cancer Society and their efforts to raise money to rid this world of the terrible disease that claims hundreds of thousands of lives every year.

We’re still in need of a few walkers for our team. If you’d like to be a part of the UW-W/Community Optimist Club relay team then you can contact Kate Ksobiech at ksobieck@uww.edu or Jan Olson at olsonj@uww.edu.

We’d also GLADLY accept donations to our dedicated team of volunteers! Visit the website below to either donate toward the team or toward an individual.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!