At one point or another throughout the semester, we all fall into a season of procrastination. Whether it’s for a short period of time during the semester or all throughout, we experience this urge to push our homework and projects away and hold them off until the very last minute. In the times we are experiencing right now, with the cancellation of face-to-face classes and students returning home, it can be very easy to put a pause on your academic responsibilities. Because of this, we can feel overwhelmed when it actually comes to finishing these responsibilities. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your homework and to turn your procrastination into productivity.

  1. Put Away All Distractions

            This tip is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, but it’s also a good reminder. Distance and limit yourself on any and all distractions that may be keeping you from being productive. Whether it’s a phone, laptop, gaming device, or even friends and family, make sure to watch how much time you spend with them and make your academic responsibilities a priority as well. If you need to, take a break in between your homework sessions to relieve some stress, allow yourself to indulge in these distractions; just make sure you are able to come back to homework in a timely manner.

  1. Create a Schedule and Stick to it

            With the cancellation of face-to-face class meetings and returning home from the university, it can be a very different experience for some students to continue their homework. Schedules may look very different now that students have moved back home, especially those who are unable to work for the time being. With this change, it’s good to find a new schedule and plan things accordingly so that you have time to do all the things that you want to do. Along with creating a new schedule, it is also important that you commit to it as well. It can be very easy to go off track from your schedule and do things whenever you feel like it, but this can lead you into procrastination and limit your productivity.

  1. Find a New Place to be Productive

            If you find yourself continuing the same routine of pulling out your homework and just sitting there playing on your phone, maybe finding a new place to do your homework can help you become more productive. It’s easy to get comfortable in one place to do homework, but sometimes being too comfortable makes it harder for you to concentrate on your academic responsibilities. Whether it’s doing homework in a different part of your house, or going to a library, a change in atmosphere can help you be more productive so that you can work on finishing your homework.

  1. Find an Accountability Partner

            If you’re struggling to finish homework assignments, readings, projects and more, try working with an accountability partner to help you stay on track with all your homework. Your accountability partner can be anyone who wants to see you succeed. It can be a friend, family member, classmate, etc. If you choose an accountability partner who is also a student, it is beneficial for both partners to keep each other motivated and on track in their studies. Having an accountability partner can help motivate you do stay on top of all your assignments and to do well on them too.

            Hopefully you found these tips helpful in changing your procrastination into productivity. Let us know what works for you and if there is anything that you find is helpful that wasn’t listed here!