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Which Mat Should I use

Many people wonder if the mat they use matters. Yoga mats are extremely important when practicing yoga. If you do not have a mat at all, you are at a big risk for injury. Yoga has so many poses that require you to balance on parts of your body that, if they are not on a cushioned surface, it will be extremely uncomfortable and painful. If you were to only use a towel or pillow to cushion your knee, you would be slipping and sliding all over the place, leading injury as well. Yoga mats are a necessity to practice yoga, whether or not you choose to splurge on a nice mat, is up to you. There are tons of mats on the market, ranging from low price to more expensive ones. Like most things, you get what you pay for. You cant expect great quality from a cheap mat, but it is better than nothing. Have fun and choose a design that brings you tranquility and happiness! Below are bunch of mats ranging from as cheap as $5.00! Check it out!


  • Shae Morelock

    Just a few hours ago I was shopping with my friend, and I was looking to get a new yoga mat. She actally suggested getting a 5 dollar one from 5 Below. When we went in the store, I realized that the money really reflected the quality. Even as the yoga mat design itself was super cute, I couldn’t bring myslef to buy a mat that thin, especially when I was in the market for a newer mat that was more supportive. While I don’t see myself paying 88 dollars for a mat, I don’t see myself buying one for 5 dollars either. Thanks for your post – super relevant!

  • Josie Ewers

    I was lucky enough to be provided with a pretty comfortable yoga mat for my on-campus yoga class. After the class finished, I “borrowed” my mom’s yoga mat that she never uses so that I could keep practicing yoga. Unfortunately, her mat was nowhere near as comfortable as the mat I used in the campus class. I ended up spending $35 on a new mat and it was definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing!

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