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What’s the Right Type of Yoga For You?

The main purpose of yoga is to make the body happy and make the body feel good. Everyone’s body is different so each body will have a style of yoga that is better suited for it. This article is going to go over the four most popular and common styles of yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga is the most common form of yoga, this style is all about flow and adding different poses together. Vinyasa is suitable for all levels and is something that should make your body feel good. The key component of this type of yoga is linking the breath and movement.

Hatha Yoga, also meaning sun and moon, is meant to balance opposing forces. Each Hatha class is a composed of a mx of poses and breathing exercises. This type of yoga is much more gentle and easier on the body.

Yin Yoga is a much more disciplined style of yoga, where poses are held from one minute, up to five minutes. This can be used as a recovery after a strenuous workout, as it allows for deep stretching of the muscles.This style of yoga is good for athletes that need a good stretch or anyone looking for a slower paced class.

Bikram Yoga can often be referred to as hot yoga. This style offers maximum sweat and maximum flexibility. The heat of the studio allows muscles to become more flexible, and allows the yogi to burn more calories. This style of yoga improves circulation and also helps to detoxify the body.


  • Kesley Preisler

    Wow this is so intresting! I always knew that yoga was a thing but I never really knew there were different types of yoga. I personally am a major runner and am always looking for recovery excurises. I will defintly be looking into trying the Yin Yang yoga now!

  • Josie Ewers

    Really interesting post! I am a fan of yoga, though I only do it occasionally in my free time, and I definitely didn’t know the different types of yoga! I think your descriptions made each style easy to understand.

  • Holly Schwaller


    I love this post! I have always been very interested in yoga, but I have never taken a class before. I think I would love Bikram Yoga, but I heard that you should try regular yoga before doing so. Is that correct? All of the different styles of yoga seem so nice and relaxing. I cant wait to one day try one of these out!

  • Shae Morelock

    I got into doing yoga routines over quarantine. My routines of poses would take up to half an hour. I acquired some of the yoga combinations from Pinterest graphics and short Youtube tutorials, but when I was adding all of the poses together to make my routine, I never realized some of the different poses that I was doing were defined by a specific type of yoga. Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely be more mindful of what kind of yoga I am doing the next time I do it.

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