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How to Improve Your Practice

There are so many helpful tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way. The key to getting better is to have consistency in your practice. Setting and sticking to a regular scheduled time to do yoga. Practicing more will help you to get better. The next tip I have is to find the right style of yoga for you. Going along with this idea, is the find the right instructor. Finding the type of yoga you enjoy because this will help to maintain and motivate you to go to class and will help to improve! Another tip that helps is to buy yoga accessories! Buy clothes specifically for yoga, this is will help to motivate you to go to class because you get to show off tour new clothes. This wont specifically help to improve your skills but it will help to keep you excited about going to class. The last tip I have that benefits your yoga practice and will improve your skills is to really focus on your breathing. Creating good breathing habits allows for stress release and helps to reduce anxiety. This will give you a sense of immediate calmness, which will also help to motivate you to continue to pratice.


  • Josie Ewers

    This was a helpful post! I took a yoga class through the university last year and I found that it really helped me. I enjoyed that it was a class I took for credit because it had a regular schedule for me to go to (that I didn’t have to set myself, bonus!), it helped me get ready for the day, and it allowed me to try out several different types of yoga so that I was able to find out which style I preferred. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • kelsey preisler

    This was really helpful thanks for sharing these ideas! I am always looking for ways to reduce stress, and I can not wait to try some new breathing exercises. I also have never thought about taking a class before but that seems like a smart idea! I will definitely look into yoga classes!

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