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June 15, 2017

I entered Cooper in a contest be be featured in a calendar at Elmbrook Humane Society, where I adopted him from. It was $5.00 to enter him in, and then people had to vote for him in order for him to win. Each vote costed $1.00. He didn’t win to get into the calendar, however I was happy to see that he raised about $35.00 through votes. All the money raised through voting went back to the humane society. I was just humbled by how many people took the time to pay money to vote for him. I’m glad we were able to raise money to help Elmbrook. They raised a ton of money by doing this contest.

If you ever get the chance to raise money for an organization close to your heart do it! It is so rewarding, and if you have a passion for that organization you’ll find joy in doing it. Sometimes all you have to do is share a link on Facebook and you’ll raise over $35.00, which goes a long way for organizations in need.