Cooper New Collar

November 10, 2017

Cooper strutting his stuff in his new wardrobe. I’ve been wanting to buy him a new collar for so long, but I wanted to get him a nice one that would last long. Those tend to be expensive. It took me months to finally find one I liked, that was durable, for a decent price. The collar he had was super old, so getting a new collar was like Christmas. It’s a thick camo collar that had his name stitched into it. We put it on, and he was instantly a new pup (so handsome). We got so many compliments on it, which I adored, because I love hearing about how cute my little man is. Who knew I’d be this excited to get a collar in the mail…

If any of you are wondering where I purchased the collar from, it was from a site online called “Tactipup”. They have many different options you can choose from, and you basically design it yourself. They can get very pricey, so make sure you purchase on a day they offer deals, which is often!