Cooper and Stella SleepingCooper and Stella

June 12, 2017

This dog is obsessed with babies. Weird right? This is Stella, she is my Boyfriends Niece and Cooper loves her. Whenever she’s around, he needs to be sitting by her or laying with her. He constantly licks her face, which she loves and hysterically laughs about. Whenever I’m holding her, he bites on her socks and gently takes them off her foot. For how big he is, he is extremely gentle. It amazes me how cooperative he is with her. She will hug him, climb all over him, lay on top of him, and he just lays there and takes it all. Trent recently got another niece, Logan, whom we just met, and he acts the same way with her. Licks her face and takes her socks. I am excited for the day I have children that Cooper can be best friends with!

It is extremely important to remember that not all dogs have to patience for children. Don’t expect them to cooperate with them and be around them. It can’t be forced. My sister, for example, has a dog who is terrified of children. Therefore, not all dogs can handle it.