April 16, 2017

Boy does Cooper love puddles, especially the muddy ones. Spring is the worst time of year to have to let your dog outside to go potty in my opinion, because it always rains in Spring. This makes the grass become puddles of mud, which, unfortunately, dogs love. This is something every dog parent struggles with. However, there’s not much you can do about it. I let cooper enjoy his time outside however he pleases. This just leads to multiples baths a day. Don’t worry, it’s only for a few months! Since this happens so often, I tried to think of different things I could do instead of bathing him every single time.

Unless he is completely full of mud, I try to avoid bathing him because it is such a process (look at him, he’s huge). I learned to keep an old towel and a box of wipes by the door for when he comes inside. I wipe as much of the mud off as possible with the wipe, then I go over it with the old towel to get any mud I missed and to dry him off. It saves time for how often they go outside!