March 17, 2016

I spent the whole day teaching Cooper to do hand shake. I was so determined to get him to learn it in one day, that I didn’t stop till he did it at least once. When teaching him, I got out my treats and stood him in front of me. I use a stern voice so he understands what i’m saying. As I grab his paw and lift it I say, “hand shake.” After that, I give him a treat so he associates that gesture, and the word hand shake, as a positive thing. I do this over and over again, giving him a treat every time, until he lifts his paw without me having to grab it. He caught on very quickly (proud mom moment). He learned that day, and since then, he does hand shake all the time! People are so impressed (and this he’s adorable).

When teaching a dog a new trick, remember to BE PATIENT. Just like humans, it takes dog practice to learn something and get it right. Never be mad at your dog for not getting the trick right away, some dogs take longer to learn, and that’s completely okay. Also, USE TREATS. This helps the teaching process immensely. Giving them something they want in return for them doing something you want will increase the chances of them learning it and continuing to do it.