December 25, 2015

This was Cooper’s very first Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday to celebrate. It’s one of Cooper’s too, because he LOVES to play in the snow. Seriously guys, he goes crazy! But don’t forget their little booties when letting them outside. There’s this thing called frosty paws, hence the title, and it’s where their paws get so cold they can’t walk. Almost like frost bite. So protect their paws! Incorporating Cooper into my love for Christmas is a blast. He wears a little red bow, (tries) to wear antlers (he hates it), and i’ve caught him picking some decorations off the tree before too.

Involving your dog in gifting is very important too. They are part of your family people, they deserve to be given a little something on Christmas as well. Cooper get’s a stocking with some of his favorite toys, and lots and lots of bones. Don’t forget them when the holidays roll around!