September 1, 2015

Cooper’s official first day of College with his mama. Can you tell he’s getting a lot of work done?┬áThis was my first year attending school here at UW-Whitewater, and I was glad I didn’t have to do it alone. Although he can’t talk, Cooper was/has always been my biggest motivator. He motivated me to get things done, and would always keep me happy even on my saddest, and most stressful days. This is now my third year at Whitewater, and he still manages to do the same exact thing. He’s been there for me, almost like an emotional support dog, to keep me at my best while getting through school.

If possible, I highly encourage you to have your dog with you at college. Even if it’s your parents dog and he/she is only with you for a week. Just their presence helps immensely. Dog therapy rules!