August 14, 2015

Pup’s need some pampering too! I take Cooper almost every month to get a Pawdecure. This is where he goes and get’s his nails cut, filed, and shaped up so they’re not too long and sharp. They also clean out his ears too to add to the pampering. Some dogs HATE having this done, but Cooper doesn’t mind his paws being touched at all. He just gets nervous that he’s taken away from me for a little bit. At the end of it all, he’s given a cute little bandana to make him look even cuter!

I highly recommend taking your dogs to get their nails cut. It’s easy to cut them too short, which make them bleed, and is super painful for the dogs. If you don’t cut them at all, it could also be painful for the dogs. They grow too long, hit the floor, and sometimes break off. Your best bet is to go and get them professionally done!