First Bath

April 7, 2015

Cooper’s first bath was an eventful time. He has always been an energetic pup, which is why it didn’t surprise me that he would have such a good time running in the mud. Not exaggerating, he was covered in it. This then led to his very first bath! Thank goodness he was small, because if he was any bigger at the time, he would have jumped right out, full of bubbles, and ran around the house. Since he hadn’t really been bathed much before, he was confused as to what was happening. His little ears were down, and he looked so sad. He just wanted to get the heck out of there! When we were done, I wrapped him up in a towel, like a tiny burrito, and he just cuddled with me. He was glad it was over, but it was such a cute experience for me!

I highly recommend using a high quality shampoo for your pups. Just like us humans, bad shampoo can damage their fur and hurt their skin. So make sure you get a high quality, organic shampoo to give your dogs the best experience!