Welcome Home


March 29, 2015

This is the day this little bug came home with me, which was completely unexpected. My boyfriend Trent and I went to PetSmart to get dog food for my his┬áparent’s dogs, and Elmbrook Humane Society was there showing dogs for people to adopt. They had a little black dog that we saw, and wanted to take home with us. We rushed over to Elmbrook right away, but that little black dog was already adopted. Then we saw Cooper. He was a brother of that little black dog we wanted originally. We immediately fell in love with him, and felt like it was fate that he was brought to us. He was energetic, playful, loving, and we knew he found his “furever” home with us. The papers were signed, and he was ours. My heart has been full since that day.

It is incredibly important to adopt and not shop! adopt from humane societies to save lives, and don’t shop from pet stores to help put puppy mills out of business!