Meme Presentation

For the meme presentation, my group decided to present about the “Roll Safe” meme. I’m really excited to do this meme because this meme always causes me to laugh. The reason why memes like “Roll Safe” are so popular is because memes are a humorous image, video, or text that is spread throughout the internet. So the more people who think this meme is funny will share it across the internet for other people to see.

“Roll Safe” started on June 1, 2016 from a series called “Hood Documentary.” An actor, Ewumi, points at his head and smiles which became viral. The meme didn’t start spreading until November, but by the time the video reached eight months old, it had over one million views and over a thousand comments. Why the meme became so popular is because it involves poor decision making in critical thinking moments. A lot of people like seeing this meme because we’ve all had moments where we had poor results from trying to make a decision.

One platform that I saw the meme gain popularity from is by being on sports pages. Whenever a team loses, the meme is popular in expressing a poor choice made by one of their players. I’ve used this meme on sports pages whenever a team that I don’t like loses to make fun of them for their poor choices. “Roll Safe” is a popular meme choice because all what users have to do is just share the photo of the actor and write whatever poor thinking decision they think is funny.

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