Blog 9 Audio Project

For my audio project, I wanted to compare college students together to see how they use technology. My project was about if technology distracts or helps students get their homework done. I wanted to see if the two college students I interviewed had any differences between them. One of the students is a first year student in college and the other student had completed one year of college before taking a year off. A similarity I noticed before I even started interviewing them is I could see how tech smart they were.  

The student I interviewed, who was taking the year off, had a lot of positive things to say about technology. He mentioned how convenient technology was for getting homework done. Some of the examples he talked about were looking up examples of problems if you aren’t understanding what the instructor is teaching. Another thing that I agreed with is how if he needed to change something on a paper, he could quickly use his phone to change it. The reason why he sees technology as helpful is due to the convenience.

The other student I interviewed mentioned how much he used his laptop for completing homework. The way he talked about his laptop, it almost seemed that he had a deep connection to it. However, after I thought about how I use my laptop for homework and I use it a lot for homework too. As a journalism major, I type a lot of essays on my computer and use the internet to listen to music and look up research. I agree with what he said about using his laptop a lot because I use it too.  

A reason why college students use technology to get homework done is due to the access these students have. Universities come with computer labs, WI-FI, and free printing to help students get their homework done. If the resources are there for college students, they might as well use them.

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