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My Favorite Sustainable YouTubers

I haven’t always shopped sustainably, especially when I was younger. I can’t even say sustainability was on my radar until some of my favorite YouTubers brought up the issue or explained why their content would be changing to more sustainable options. How many times can I say sustainable in this blog post?

Many of my favorite YouTuber’s weren’t always sustainable either, I actually found most from watching their fast fashion hauls–especially ones on Forever 21.

So here they are, my top 5 in no particular order…


This Diana, from dianachamoile. She has a very girly vintage style and her videos are like little art pieces.


This is Jamie or Jam, from HellaJam. She’s a very funky momma that finds one of a kind pieces- all the time.


This is also Jamie, from mademoiselle. She has a very chic and classic style and has amazing lookbooks.

Sarah Hawkinson

This is Sarah, from Sarah Hawkinson. She has an edgy style and makes really interesting “no makeup Monday” videos.

Wear I Live

This is Jenny, from Wear I Live. She has a very eclectic style and a really laidback attitude.

All of these ladies have done an awesome job at influencing me to make the change to a more sustainable closet so make sure you go check them out!

*Sidenote: most of these badass women have videos explaining their sustainability journey and are worth watching too!