December 2017

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Hey guys, another video here, this time a (easily improvable) short speedrun of a game by the name of Refunct. Absolutely beautiful game, despite it’s lack of content. I highly recommend you check it out, maybe even try it out then refun(c)d it if you’re satisfied with it within 2 hours.

I could definitely improve the run by a lot, but I decided beating my friend’s score of 3:29 would be enough to irk him. Enjoy!~


Hey guys, it’s been a rough past few weeks, but finals are coming to a close, and everything else can be focused on a bit more. Recently, our Overwatch team, Boosted Animals, which won Season 3s division 2 finals for the Overwatch University League (OWUL) got picked up by a friend of mine’s budding eSports organization, Illuzion Gaming. He’ll help make sure we’re on track and deal with all the technical stuff, and we finished our tryouts for new subs, with a few promising candidates. Make sure to follow along with us at Ulfsark, Fanout, Rzaney Gaming, Jerry23dr, etc.


Make sure to keep an eye out for us. I know we’re not quite a Tier 2 team, but we’re doing our best to improve!


Hey guys, this is a bit late, and I have another earlier one coming later once I edit it. Here’s my GWYF stream for the week after Thanksgiving! It finally got uploaded so here ya go!

Hey guys, this is the first advanced eSports blog post, and it’s gonna be a video I put together for you all. Crosshair placement is one of the most important aiming practices you can do, but very few people know how to practice effectively. Here I give a full comprehensive guide for any aspiring players to improve their aim, which can be applied to any and all shooters. Next time on the advanced eSports section, I’ll talk about aiming angles and how to utilize them effectively. Enjoy!

Hey guys, I’m currently super bogged down with all sorts of homework and assignments for the next weeks, so I’m taking a hiatus.



– Rzaney