Week of January 21st: Vindictus Gold Medal(Ein Lacher)

Hey guys, back with another Vindictus post. If you ever decide to play, once you hit level 90, you get access to a place called “Ein Lacher”, which pits you 1v1 against the game’s bosses at a reasonable challenge. It’s a great place to learn your character once you start getting into the late game without any of the pressure from elitist players, and you get honor medals to trade for seals of bravery, progressing you further into the game(my review).

This fight is for a dragon you fight earlier in the game with up to 4 people, which used to be one of the harder season 1 raids before everything got nerfed to streamline newer players to late game. As always, thanks for watching, and remember to like, favorite, and subscribe for more!

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  1. Solution’s avatar

    I like the way you fight vs the dragon,
    Near to its paws and away from his dangerous weapons.
    Nice battle bro !



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