Classic eSports Moments

Here’s a collection of eSports plays that have¬†either revolutionized the game, or gave a player his name. All rights for the videos and games go to their respective owners.


League of Legends:

Faker(arguably the single most dominant player in eSports history, and especially League of Legends) completely outplaying Ryu’s Zed in a mirror matchup (and Ryu’s dissapointed look at the end).

The Lee Sin play that named a move after Insec, this guy does a good quick analysis.

Predicted hooks aimed at where opponents are going to be(often with the usage of mobility skills), became known as the Madlife after he outperformed every other support in the league.

xPekes most famous play, where he snuck in and took out the opponents nexus for a win.

The “empire” play by Team Solo Mid (TSM) in the earliest days of League of Legends. Play is in the first 40 seconds.

Street Fighter

This is the single most hype moment in fighting game history, where Daigo did a perfect full parry into a great aerial parry to swing his way back and take the game. Often touted as one of the defining moments of eSports history.


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