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My Daily Drive 5

Welcome back everyone! This week while browsing Spotify for something to listen to, “My Daily Drive 5” playlist caught my eye. If you aren’t familiar with these, Spotify creates playlists that are tailored to what they think you would want to listen to. These playlists are compiled of songs and genres that you listen to on Spotify, over time, Spotify has created 5 different daily drives for me, for mine they are all different because I listen to a couple of different types of music. The one I mainly listened to this week was “My Daily Drive 5”, in this one it focuses around Rap music and artists like Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Wiz Khalifa. These artists aren’t all the same but the playlist that was created seamlessly flowed and the song choices were great. I couldn’t stop listening to it. This feature on Spotify is one of my favorite features because as I mentioned before, it’s created from everything YOU listen to, which makes all of them perfect for any music listening occasion. As you can see, I’m practically begging you all to check out your Daily Drive playlists on Spotify. I promise you won’t regret it!

As always, Stay happy and healthy.



  • Sawyer Novara

    The Daily Mix feature is interesting and works for a lot of people. The playlists that are generated for me have a ton of songs on them that I like. However, I tend not to listen to them because, since I listen to a lot of rock, it tries to put together rock songs without thinking of what style of rock fits well together. For example, if I’m trying to listen to electronic rock, one song will be electronic and the next will be heavy metal, which I don’t really listen to all that much and doesn’t fit well with what I’m in the mood to listen to. It just bounces around different styles of rock too much for me. It’s still a nice feature for others, though.

  • Anna Lichtie

    I loved this idea of the daily drive 5. I think it’s a great way to sum up what you are listening to and it was a very engaging post. I’m open to hearing new music styles so I look forward to what you will be sharing more of!

  • Christian Olivera

    Coming from a person who uses Apple Music, that daily drive five feature is actually really cool I like how Spotify kind of makes a playlist for you like that. I’m almost considering switching memberships over because I have a lot of friends who use Spotify too and they say they like it a lot more.

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