Packers are for real! Aaron Rodgers is A bad man!

No team in the NFL faced as much criticism as the Green Bay Packers in this years draft. After going 13-3 and only being 1 win away from a Superbowl, the packers front office shocked the world by trading up in the draft to pick quarterback in the first round. This came as a shock to many people because not only was this the most stacked wide receiver classes in history and the Packers are in need of a receiver, but the Packers already have one of the best quarterbacks in history. Needless to say, Packer fans were outraged with this pick. Everyone started to count the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers, out after the draft and ESPN was having a field day talking about the end of the Rodgers era.

The Packers front office defended this decision by saying that they are confident in the receivers that they already have. Two players that showed a lot of potential last season was Allan Lazard and Marquez Valdez-Scantling. Both players showed that they can be reliable options for Aaron Rodgers, but neither of them showed that game-changing talent the Packers need at the wide receiver position. It looks like the front office’s confidence in their receivers have paid off the first 3 weeks of season.

So far, Aaron Rodgers has been scalding hot and leading his team to a 3-0 start. The Packers have scored over 120 points through the first three games and have the #1 ranked offense in the league. Aaron Rodgers said that during training camp he looked back at his film from each of his MVP seasons and wanted to play like that again. It shows. He is taking more chances down the field and trusting his receivers to make the catch through tight windows. Aaron Rodgers is playing like he is 25 years old again and as a Packers fan it is beautiful to watch. He wants to make it clear to the organization that they made a mistake drafting a QB in the first round.

Now I don’t believe the narrative that the Packers drafted a QB in the first round to light a fire under Rodgers. I think that they drafted him as a safety net. If Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, then you have a promising back up in Jordan Love. More importantly though, if Rodgers falls off a cliff and isn’t playing like himself then they can move forward with their new QB. If Rodgers is still playing like an MVP candidate, then we have a solid trade piece to help build the team around him. I mean, who wouldn’t want a versatile, young QB that just spent the last 3 years learning under one of the best players in history.

Either way, I am really excited to see where the Packers season goes. So far, we are playing like the team to beat and head coach Matt Lefleur is looking really confident with their system. I hope that Rodgers proves everyone wrong and continues to play at an MVP caliber level to lead the Packers to a Superbowl. It is still too early to make any assumptions, a lot of things can happen, but I will end on this. Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAAAAAAAAAD MAN!

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