New Stuff Tuesday – May 1

Science of Yoga

The Science of Yoga:
The Risks and the Rewards
by William Broad
RA781.7 .B757 2012
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Take a deep breath. It’s the last week of classes, and that’s when things get a little crazy. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with your studies throughout the semester, but we all know that time can get away from us. How about a little relaxation [in case you missed the Relaxathon here a few weeks ago] through yoga? This week’s featured title goes into just what exactly goes on when you do all that stretching.

Broad, senior writer for the New York Times and forty-year practitioner of yoga, seeks to bring a scientific eye to the table with regards to the centuries-old practice that originated in India. He briefly covers all of the major types of yoga, because you know that you wondered what’s the difference between Bikram and Vinyasa [one’s really hot and sweaty], as well as the major influences over the years. The author then spends the majority of the book detailing the benefits found in empirical studies with regards to health and wellness, conveniently including plenty of references for further reading.

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