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Are you looking for something Shakespearean? Is your curiosity excited by titles like “Bard’s Love Potion Brewed” (from the February 14th, 2002 edition of the Western Mail newpaper, p. 10) or “Abraham Lincoln’s Affinity for MacBeth” by James A. Stephenson (from the 1990 Midwest Quarterly Vol 31, pp. 270-279)? The World Shakespeare Bibliography is the place to find annotations for materials such as these two articles, relating to the great Bard.

The World Shakespeare Bibliography is a an online database produced by Shakespeare Quarterly that provides access to the most comprehensive international collection of annotations of scholarly resources about and theatrical productions by William Shakespeare. The collection includes books, articles, reviews, dissertations, and theatrical productions from around the world. The items reviewed include books, audiovisual materials, theatrical productions, and electronic materials.

Check it out now: World Shakespeare Bibliography Online

by Christine Fary

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