New Stuff Tuesday – November 15

Millennial Momentum

Millennial Momentum
How a New Generation Is Remaking America
by Morley Winograd & Michael Hais
JK1764 .W636 2011
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

One of the biggest buzzwords of this millennium, in my humble opinion, is interestingly the term applied the generation of traditional-aged college students. The millennials have commandeered the conversation since they grew up with technology, feel entitled to everything, and cause a ruckus in the workplace [relax – I can say this sort of thing because I’m a millennial myself]. This week’s featured title explores the current generation of individuals born between the years of 1982-2003 and their ambitions of taking over the world.

Winograd and Hais, senior researchers in the public policy and communications, respectively, take the discussion about the power of the Millennials beyond their technologically-fueled lifestyle and liberal social outlook. The authors contend that the younger generation will redefine life as we know it with their more civic-minded approach. The book covers change and the consequential uneasiness associated with it, and then specifically looking at the generation’s impact on the governmental institutions, workplace, and broader life context. All in all, the pair present a well-researched case, with an extensive list of sources, both primary and secondary in nature.

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