MySpace is Dying? WHAT?!

The last time I checked, the social networking giant was doing pretty well for itself. But according to Lance Ulanoff at PC Magazine, MySpace, Second Life and Twitter were all doomed. He says that MySpace could be the first one out because it’s “huge, ugly, unmonitored, unrestrained, and pointless.” I do agree that some MySpace profiles could use a serious makeover – you can’t even read some people’s profiles because of the backgrounds and bad color combos. What do you think? Is it going under before the end of the decade?

In other news, Facebook may go offline too because a lawsuit claims that the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, stole the code from ConnectU.

What will we do without our social networking sites?

link to the PC Magazine article, “MySpace, Second Life and Twitter are Doomed”
link to the MSNBC article, “Lawsuit seeks to Shut Down Facebook”

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  1. Ronna says:

    “What will we do without our social networking sites?” Gee, how about pick up the phone and call? Send a letter or email? Walk or drive over and say hi? The world survived without MySpace for thousands of years; I for one don’t care if it disappears or not.

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