New Stuff Tuesday – August 1

I do realize that today is Wednesday, but I forgot to do New Stuff Tuesday yesterday. So it’s a day late – cut me some slack. I also secretly wanted to keep the cute kitteh at the top of the blog for as long as possible.

My forgetting actually works out well because today is the first day of our subscription to Academic Search Premier. You’re probably familiar with Academic Search Elite when doing research, but now we are glad to offer this better product. You won’t notice a difference when you’re initially searching, but you’ll quickly realize how much more you’re getting – both in terms of search results and full-text articles. That’s because Academic Search Premier has three times the number of abstracted and indexed journals and twice the number of full text journals as Academic Search Elite.

Now if that doesn’t impress you, then maybe this will. A search for “water pollution” in Academic Search Elite retrieves only 3,841 articles, 1,730 of which are available full text. Compare that to Academic Search Premier, which produces 7318 results, with 2,771 articles in full text! Wow! Not too shabby, eh?

Academic Search Premier from EBSCOhost

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