Isaac Asimov

Jan. 2nd is the anniversary of Isaac Asimov’s birth in 1920. He’s one of my favorite authors of science fiction, but he wrote nonfiction books for adults and youth too before he passed away in 1992.

A search for asimov as an author in Andersen Library’s HALcat online catalog will get you a list of about 90 titles (he wrote hundreds of books), including The clock we live on, an explanation of the origin of calendars and how we measure time (3rd-floor Main Collection QB209 .A8 1965) and Beginnings: The story of origins–of mankind, life, the earth, the universe (3rd-floor Main Collection QH325 .A73 1987).

Oh, and the science fiction? My personal favorites have been the titles in the Foundation series. I always think of the original trilogy (Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation), but it expanded later to include even titles written by others, and the Foundation series absorbed Asimov’s empire and robot titles too, such as I, Robot, a collection of stories that was the basis (loosely) of the movie with the same title that starred Will Smith. Andersen Library doesn’t have that title, but UWW students and staff may request either the book or the movie from other UW libraries via the free Universal Borrowing service. There’s a BBC radio adaptation of the original Foundation trilogy you can listen to via the Internet Archive.

In honor of Isaac Asimov, enjoy!

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  1. Aaron Adams says:

    Happy would have been 91st birthday, Isaac Asimov! You were a fantastic author who shared hundreds of wonderful stories with the world.

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