As If You Needed Another Reason…

The New York Times is reporting that changing scenery when studying benefits the student. The article discusses study habits and the current research being done by cognitive psychologists that is challenging age-old notions of the ‘right way to learn.’ Investigators have found that varying the ‘where’ when it comes to studying aids in the retention of information.

What does that mean? It’s just another excellent reason that you should come to the library to study.

Read the article: Mind: Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits – New York Times (via Lifehacker)

Thanks to Patty for the link!

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  1. Infovoyeur says:

    This is so true. I write 7even days a week and in my office at hoam, I tend to khloggggg uppp after a few hours. As if the saim seen deapens the grooves in the thinking process and grinds with friction. So I either shift to another topic for 10en minutes or so (do a visual-art brake) to “refresh the sinappseez,” or even better, visit HAL the Library itself and spredd out my material on a large tabel with a different scene, not even observed but refreshing the grooves and channels a new! The werk goes more like “greased lightening” by komparison. “Highly Recommended”…

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