Constitution & Citizenship Day

Image of U.S. Constitution's first pageFri., Sept. 17, is Constitution Day, anniversary of the day Constitutional Convention delegates signed the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Once ratified by the states, it established the federal government we know today. I’ll bet there’s a lot about this document that you don’t know. See “10 fast facts on the Constitution” from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Constitution of the United States: Questions & Answers from the National Archives. Sept. 17 is also Citizenship Day, honoring all who have attained U.S. citizenship and reminding all of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship.

There are many federal government web sites with additional information, including:

There are also many materials in Andersen Library about the Constitution, including the four-volume Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (2nd-floor Reference Collection), and there are also materials about citizenship, such as A new engagement? Political participation, civic life, and the changing American citizen (3rd-floor Main Collection) and Civics flash cards for the new naturalization test (2nd-floor U.S. Documents collection and online).

Please ask a librarian for assistance with finding materials.

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