New Stuff Tuesday – September 14

Falls Aren't Funny

Falls Aren’t Funny:
America’s Multi-Billion-Dollar
Slip-and-Fall Crisis
by Russell Kendzior
RD93 .K46 2010
New Book Island, 2nd floor

As a huge fan of FAILBlog, I’ve become accustomed to seeing cringe-inducing stunts-gone-very-wrong on a daily basis, some of which may be humorous. So when I saw this week’s featured title on the shelf, I couldn’t help but give it a look.

Kendzior, CEO of Traction Experts and founder of the National Floor Safety Institute, isn’t laughing when it comes to the slips and falls. He takes this $80 billion issue very seriously. In three parts, the author examines the accidents themselves and the damage caused, the cause of the falls and then what can be done to address them. Kendzior provides plenty of data and statistics to back up his claims, pulling from his own organization, the National Safety Council, the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) and others to illustrate the severity of slips and falls.

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  1. Infovoyeur says:

    It’s true. But, three hints for walking in riskquie areas. (1) Plant your feet solid, don’t just fling-flap down onto a ball-bearing pebble etc. … (2) Make like a monkey; use hands also to hold… (3) Perhaps keep your weight low like ballast, don’t swing around high. SO HOW do I know? Sailed small botes on Laik Michican and elsewhere, where the choppy waives can thrust the boat six ways: pitch roll yaw also surge sag and heave! Even so, too easy to fall off the bicycle when going slow and turning, esp. on trales in Kettle Morain Stait Park, tho there perhaps a six-inch mattress of pine neadles kushions the fall. Plus, if falling, go Zen–so far I’ve automatically “let loose” and they say drunks (I wasn’t) brake fewer boans because they don’t tense against the reality… No fun tho–stai steady! [Chester Kartoffel, Flaneur…]

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