Keeping up with the news?

image of newspaperIt’s important to look up from your textbooks once in a while…so here’s a weekly quiz to see if you know what’s been going on lately around the country and the world! It’s “Calling All Newshounds” from USA Today.

If you don’t do very well, you might want to make a habit of visiting some bookmarked news sites, catching the news on the radio or TV, or even reading a newspaper or news magazine (Andersen Library has several, and the most current issues are on the 2nd floor–you can even read a couple of papers on the newspaper Kindle).

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I am a Reference & Instruction librarian, head of that department in Andersen Library, an associate professor, and a member of the General Education Review Committee and Faculty Senate. I've been working at UW-W since July 1, 1990.
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