New Google Scholar Feature

One of the ways of judging the impact of an article/author is to look at the numbers of times that article/author has been cited by others. If you’ve used Google Scholar before, you may have noticed that part of the results list contains a ‘Cited by’ in the lower left of the search result description. By clicking on that link, you would retrieve the articles listed as references. Nifty, right? Well, they’ve made it even better by allowing you to search within those citations. In their blog post about the new feature, they mention this guy named Einstein [you may have heard of him] and how his revolutionary work has been cited by the thousands. The ability to search within those citing Einstein makes life a little easier for researchers.

Try it out for yourself: Google Scholar

PS: Not to steal Google’s thunder, but you can already do this same thing in Web of Science, one of the library’s many licensed resources.

Thanks to Ronna for the link!

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