New Stuff Tuesday – April 20

Green Careers

Green Careers:
Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future
by Jim Cassio & Alice Rush
GE60 .C397 2009
New Book Island, 2nd floor

We’re coming up on the end of the semester and a time where those graduating are searching for that perfect first job. At the same time, it’s Earth Week here at the Library (the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day is Thursday). This week’s featured title brings both of those topics together in one book. How convenient.

Cassio and Rush, career consultant and counselor, respectively, share their expertise in regards to the blossoming field of green jobs that go well beyond those working directly with the environment. After a short introduction, the authors delve right into the material, covering career paths in groups from engineering to business to the sciences. They provide profiles of individual occupations with the basics about education requirements, salaries and outlook, as well as interviews with people in those positions. I believe that the reader will particularly appreciate the additional path-specific resources to gather even more information on their own. Furthermore, they also provide a number of green-focused sites and suggestions for finding a your dream job.

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