Ah, birds singing of spring

photo of indigo buntingIsn’t it lovely when the birdies sing of spring in the morning? You should listen! Turn off the cacophony of your phone, radio, TV, etc.! Now sit back, close your eyes, and just….listen. Try to filter out noise like cars. This works best early in the morning.

Can’t take the time in the morning? Listen anytime to recordings (or watch videos) at the University of Utah’s Western Soundscape Archive. You can search for your favorites (I recommend the indigo bunting or house wren). The site provides information about the bird (or animal) including scientific name, kingdom, phylum, etc. There are non-animal sounds here, too, such as thunder at the Grand Canyon National Park or alpine stream in Albion Basin, Alta, Utah. And you can also find videos with birdsong at YouTube, such as this one of a house wren:
If you want to learn more about birds, Andersen Library has resources, e.g., Birds of America in Song CD cover

Please ask a librarian for assistance with finding materials.

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    Want some things to do?

    See web sites

    The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin’s list of trips (rated for walking difficulty & family friendliness):

    WI Audubon Society chapters

    The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) sponsored field trips

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