New Stuff Tuesday – December 8

Thirteen Persistent Economic Fallacies

Thirteen Persistent Economic Fallacies:
by EJ Mishan
HB171 .M545 2009
New Book Island, 2nd floor

The drive for starting this column way back in 2007 was to highlight books that I selected for purchase – I wanted to share the fact that there were great things being published and acquired for the library’s collection. This week’s featured title is an example of one that I thought was interesting.

Mishan, professor at the London School of Economics, is out to shake things up. Specifically, the long-time economist is challenging popular notions to current issues, such as immigration, globalization and gender discrimination. You know those things that you just assume are common knowledge? The author takes thirteen statements, such as “The national debt is a burden on future generations,” and provides new arguments for the debate. Prepare to view these topics in a different light after reading this book.

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