Witches of Whitewater

One of our favorite questions here at the Reference Desk is, “Is it true that there’s a book in the library that will make you go crazy?” Since we’re all pretty sane around here, that would mean that we haven’t seen the book ourselves.

This question is certainly going to come up a lot more in the future thanks a movie currently in development, aptly titled The Witches of Whitewater. The topic is the fascination to those in the surrounding area, and the movie caught the attention of NBC 15 in Madison. They even interviewed our very own Karen Weston, University Archivist, about the town’s paranormal connections.

Whitewater’s “Witches” Subject of Movie Trailer – NBC 15

Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer…


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11 Responses to Witches of Whitewater

  1. Kate says:

    Too bad our library doesn’t look like the library where the movie was filmed. But I can see this being of interest to students who attend the university. Library, brace yourself for questions!

  2. Deronica says:

    I’ve found the link to the NBC 15 movie clip not to work but if you go to their page and then the video screen on the right hand side, scroll through the pictures until you see one that looks like the entrance sign to the city of Whitewater, click download and then view it. Should be a entertaining movie based on Whitewater folklore. I can hardly wait to see the movie.

    Gee, I wonder why the witches never documented what they were doing in Whitewater?

  3. Ronna says:

    Classic. Girl in skimpy outfit is of course featured in the trailer. What does that have to do with witches?

  4. Bill says:

    “Everyone who opened the book … died.”
    Hmmm. Until immortality is discovered (yeah, right!), anyone who ever opens any book at some point in his/her life will also die. In fact, so will anyone who’s never seen, let alone opened, a book.

  5. Matthew says:

    So when are they supposed to do the shooting? I mean, by the look of the trailer, i’d say that they are already done. And if that is the case, then when are they going to release the movie? So many unanswered questions.

  6. kyle says:

    there’s not much information out there. i checked IMDB and only got that it was still in development:


  7. Mary says:

    The IMDB site has been removed. Wonder if they stopped making it?

  8. caity says:

    i am whating to know why the movie never got released. it look good. and i whating to know if this whole thing is real

  9. kyle says:

    caity: i haven’t heard much about the movie since this blog post was published. i definitely haven’t seen any film crews around. as for whether or not the whole thing is real, i haven’t seen any paranormal activity myself. that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist… =)

  10. nicole says:

    You guys act like they film every “true story” at the actual site. The movie never came out, so I’m sure you’re not getting THAT many questions. but growing up in that city, there’s definitely creepy happenings. and if you say there aren’t, then you didn’t play and rome that city as a child. may not be witches, but theres something out there.

  11. kyle says:

    nicole: actually, we will always get questions about the book that makes you go crazy (not necessarily the movie). it seems that every incoming freshman class is introduced to the urban legends of the city and university, and this is one of the biggest. in fact, we just got the question this week.

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