Last Sale Books of 2022

The latest batch of fresh books have now graced the sturdy book sale cart shelves. There are philosophy, computer science, juvenile fiction, psychology, and speech therapy books, along with titles in a smattering of other areas.

Come, peruse, and purchase. Once again, the cost is just $1 each. On Dec. 25–technically Dec. 27 when the library reopens for winter break–the price goes down to $.25 each. That will last until the newest batch of books goes out on January 17.

Special this month are a few thin items, mostly maps. Those are free, first come first serve.

Assorted piles of books

May your exams go well and your winter break and winterim be full of happiness.

About Martha

Martha is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and the liaison to the Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Languages and Literatures, Mathematics, and Physics Departments
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