Warhawk Almanac: The First Winterim

Many universities and colleges offer some sort of education during the winter break period. This is often known as a January term, named after the month it takes place. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offered its first set of winter classes, called “Winterim” in January 1996. Winterim began as “an accelerated session of courses, Jan. 2-17,” initially offering 16 classes where students could choose one and each class would meet Monday-Friday, 8:30-11:30 a.m. [1] Provost and Vice Chancellor Kay Schallenkamp said that the program “was requested by students who wanted a greater flexibility in scheduling their courses.” She also believed that the development of such a program demonstrated “the strong cooperation between administration, faculty and students.” [2] By its third year of existence, Whitewater increased the available classes to 31; most of them were still general education classes. [3] However, it was reported in The Whitewater Register that in 1997 over 400 undergraduate students, including part-time and non-traditional, enrolled in a Winterim class.

1990 Students Walking To Class
Students walking to class
Gregg Theune, Alumni Center, ca. 1990, UW-Madison Digital Archives, UW-Whitewater Collection, Whitewater, WI, https://search.library.wisc.edu/digital/ATG3OZVCRNMRSV8C

Almost thirty years later, UW-Whitewater is still offering a Winterim session. It is a “three-week session [that] offers intensive courses allowing students to advance, keep up or catch up.” [4] The classes offered now are typically general education classes and, since 2022, the class all meet virtually.

Winter 2022 Hyland Through Trees
Winter 2021, Hyland Hall
University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Hyland Hall Through the Trees, ca. 2021, Facebook, University of… – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (facebook.com)

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