The Global Struggle

I feel like the majority of what I blog about is the economy and trying to come up with synonyms for recession. I guess that as the business librarian, it is expected of me.

America is not alone in the current economic hardship – the rise of globalization and the ever-connected societies of the world have the entire world feeling the pinch. However, some countries are feeling it worse than others. So just how is Italy or Venezuela or [insert favorite country here] dealing with the slowdown?

In response to this question, Euromonitor has published a series of Global Risks and Vulnerabilities briefings as part of Passport Reference & Markets (formerly known as Global Market Information Database). These reports address external sector shocks, real estate, government finance, energy, socio-political shocks and environmental shocks as part of a measure of the country’s economic health.

To get to the documents, click on the Countries link in the main navigational bar and the Country Briefings are located in the upper-right corner.

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