Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book (New Stuff Tuesdays)

Book-O-Beards book cover

This “wearable” book will keep the kids out of trouble for a few minutes. If you add a camera to the mix, it may keep them busy all day. Each page has the beard of a new character and corresponding funny line for the kids to say while “wearing” the book under their noses. Instructions are on the back of the book. Set the kids loose and enjoy their antics!

Author Donald Lemke and illustrator Bob Lentz are two playful dads who like to have a little fun with their interactive books. Watch for their Book-O-Hats, which is coming soon to New Arrivals.

Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book
by Donald Lemke & Bob Lentz
New Arrivals, 2nd Floor, Curr Coll E Lem

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