Warhawk Almanac: Happy International Women’s Day!

On April 4, 1987, UW-Whitewater celebrated International Women’s Day in a fun way. Sponsored by the UW-Whitewater Alumni Association, the Women’s Day celebration featured speakers and a luncheon.[1] The theme of the seminar was “the Entrepreneurial Spirit” and six speakers were brought in to discuss a variety of topics relating to that theme.[2] Professor Donna Clasen from the UW-W College of Education and Professional Studies was the opening speaker. She discussed “how to make the best use of your special talents.”[3] Clasen’s talk highlighted the importance of self confidence in all matters, but especially in the workplace.

two of the speakers for the women's day seminar
Clasen and Goder both spoke at the women’s day celebration.
Whitewater Today, Winter 1986-1987.

Another highlight of the seminar was an alumni panel discussing “Women in non-traditional roles.”[4] On the panel were Gail Patterson, who worked as a manager at Price Waterhouse in Milwaukee; Jill Fady, who worked as an assistant trust officer for Associated Commerce Bank in Milwaukee; and Jan Goder, who was the UW-W Chief of Police. They discussed sexism in the workplace and how they persevered despite it.[5] Entrepreneurs Jim and Kris Rowe who graduated in 1971 and 1974 also presented at the seminar. The theme of their talk was “what it takes to start a successful business.” They discussed starting a business without much experience using their own lives as examples. [6] The seminar was ultimately a success and showed that UW-Whitewater cared deeply about issues relating to women’s rights and roles in the workplace. Issues that the UW-Whitewater community still hold dear.

More of the speakers for the women's day seminar
The Women’s Day seminar included many speakers who discussed a variety of topics about the Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Whitewater Today, Winter 1986-1987.

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