New Stuff Tuesday – May 19

The Television Will Be Revolutionized

The Television Will Be Revolutionized:
By Amanda Lotz
PN1992.5 .L68 2007
New Book Island, 2nd floor

According to the Nielsen’s Three-Screen Report (PDF), Americans watch a lot of video, between using the traditional TV, internet and mobile devices. Now that the semester is (pretty much) over, it means that some of you might have more time on your hands to do just that. This week’s featured title looks at how the most popular and powerful medium is transforming in these changing times.

Lotz, assistant professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan and self-described “early adopter of television gear,” examines the television in the “post-network era,” in which all aspects of the medium, from production to distribution, have multiplied. Technological innovations like DVR and iPods have freed consumers from time constraints, content creation has found new new modes of financing and advertising isn’t relegated to the commercials. The author delves into each of these considerations of the television as well as audience measurement and the future possibilities for digital storytelling in this thought-provoking volume on the (r)evolution of a household necessity.

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