Stay On Top of the Market

There’s existing home sales, consumer prices, unemployment, retail sales… the list keeps going. Staying atop of the latest economic trends is a full-time job for many people. You could watch the nightly news or check Wall Street Journal or CNN for the day’s reports of announcements and analysis. But what if there a way to proactively be ahead of the curve?

Econoday allows you to plan ahead and find out what market indicators are being released. The information provider’s website includes an economic calendar that lists when the government and other organizations will announce the latest numbers. Furthermore, they also provide explanations as to why these numbers matter. Although they don’t also post the releases themselves, they do list the responsible agencies from which you can locate them on your own.

This resource is also useful if you’re looking historically at the market reactions. If you saw that the S&P 500 went down by a large margin, it may have been due to one of these indicators.

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