Dinosaur! (New Stuff Tuesday)

Dinosaur! book cover

Plus snakes, reptiles, mammals and all kinds of other cool critters of the Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and more. The incredibly detailed CG-illustrations alone makes this one neat book! Each two-page spread is dominated by the colorful illustration, labeled with unique factoids; a small fact box about its size, habitat, and diet; and callout boxes that tell some short story either about its fossil record, its discoverer(s), similar modern animals, or unique characteristics — like the Sinosauropteryx that wore fuzzy down feathers or the bat-like Icaronycteris!

In addition to the features on each specific dinosaur, the front and back sections of the book have wonderfully illustrated sections on dinosaur anatomy, historical timelines, how fossils are created, and more. This book is perfect for any budding archaeologist!

See a quick video preview of the book here:

by John Woodward et al.
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