Thanku: Poems of Gratitude (New Stuff Tuesdays)

 Thanku book cover

Ahhh. This sweet little puff of dandelion fluff provides a brief respite for the world-weary.

Playful artwork complements the punchy children’s poems with titles like “Atta-Dude” and “Roy G. Biv.” Each poem includes a label for the format while the “Poetic Forms and Literary Devices” glossary at the end of the book describes each one. Short bios of the contributors are also included.

The thanksgiving theme is woven through the poems, loosely at times. This is a delightful way to help youngsters (and the rest of us) cultivate gratitude. And it’s educational, too. Did you know that septercet, Fibonnaci, and Etheree are all poetic forms?

Thanku is a breath of fresh air for the first day of Spring Semester. Welcome back!

Thanku: Poems of Gratitude
Edited by Miranda Paul; Illustrated by Marlena Myles
New Arrivals, 2nd Floor
Curr Coll, 811 Tha

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