New Kid (Warhawks Recommend)

New Kid book with Warhawk Recommender

Warhawk Recommender: Ellen Latorraca, Education Librarian

Ms. Rawlings, teacher with white skin in predominantly white private school, to Jordan, middle schooler with brown skin: “But Jordan, being different is a blessing. It’s what makes you special.” Jordan, to Ms. Rawlings: “Would you teach at a school in MY neighborhood? You know, so YOU could be special?” Ms. Rawlings: (no response) Craft weaves in many examples of how our middle school selves are so apt to judge based on an imagined group characteristic at the expense of knowing the person. Jordan, his new classmates, and some of his teachers learn that is that there is wisdom in recognizing this behavior in both ourselves as well as in others, but more importantly, there is courage in calling it out for what it is. I would love to read this graphic novel with elementary and middle school readers and hear their take!

New Kid
by Jerry Craft (Author), Jim Callahan (Graphic novel colorist)
Curriculum Collection, Fiction, 2nd Floor (F Cra)
F Cra

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